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    Publicado el 3.4.2013 por Equipo GNOSS

    Open Data Has Little Value If People Can't Use It (Harvard Business Review)

    Interesante artículo de Craig Hammer sobre la evolución de los modelos de Open Data en proyectos de gobierno abierto y cuál es el siguiente reto para que estas políticas tengan sentido: "Open data could be the gamechanger when it comes to eradicating global poverty. In the last two years, central and local governments and multilateral organizations around the world have opened a range of data — information on budgets, infrastructure, health, sanitation, education, and more — online, for free. The data are not perfect, but then perfection is not the goal. Rather, the goal is for this data to become actionable intelligence: a launchpad for investigation, analysis, triangulation, and improved decision making at all levels"