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SADI - Semantic Automated Discovery and Integration

Are you a data or service provider?

SADI is a framework for discovery of, and interoperability between, distributed data and analytical resources. It combines simple, stateless, GET/POST-based Web Services with standards from the W3C Semantic Web initiative. The objective of SADI is to make it easy for data and analytical tool providers to quickly make their resources available on the Semantic Web with minimal disruption to their usual practices. SADI is quite a distinct “technology” in that there’s nothing to it… literally! SADI avoids creating new technologies or non-standard Web “infrastructure” (e.g., message formats). It simply defines an open set of best-practices and conventions, within the spectrum of existing standards, that allow for a high degree of semantic discoverability and interoperability between participating services. Moreover, many of these integrative behaviors have not been observed before in any precedent, distributed system!

Do you need data?

Though you will probably never even know you are using it, SADI was designed with you in mind! SADI enables the data sources and analytical websites that you use every day to provide their resources to you in a much more intuitive way. This means that the software you use to interact with these resources will also become “smarter” when it is SADI-enabled, because SADI is specifically designed to “think” the way you “think”. If there’s a resource that you would like to see available through SADI, contact us, or contact your IT service provider. If there’s a software tool that you think would benefit from being SADI-enabled, tell us about it, or write to the provider of that tool with your request! The open-source SADI project provides a place where participants can submit software and/or ontological tools that adhere to these conventions, and can be used by others. This helps to “spread the word” and make it easier for new resources to become semantically interoperable.

Development of SADI is generously supported by CANARIE, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of B.C. and Yukon, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and Microsoft Research.

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