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    Published on 27.10.2014 by Ricardo Alonso Maturana

    Unlocking the Benefits of Semantic Search: Barbara Starr’s 5 Ways -

    She continues, “Understanding how semantic search works at a conceptual level — as well as understanding where it is going — is the key to your ability to leverage it. Below are five ways to unlock the benefits of semantic search.” One of those ways is to ensure your pages are marked up with the appropriate semantic  markup: “Ensure your webpages employ structured data markup, paying special attention to markup vocabulary from, as that is recognized by most major search engines at this point in time. There are several great new tools currently available to assist with the process of adding this HTML markup to your pages, including various WordPress plugins and code snippet generators (including Google’s own Structured Data Markup Helper). There is also a new release of RDFace, announced at ISWC 2013 this month, with a special edition for Feel free to give it a whirl!”