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    En esta presentación de Stefan Dietze se hace un resumen de los datasets educativos existentes en la Linked Open Data Cloud y de los APIs existentes. Este esquema puede concebirse como un resumen del proyecto ya en marcha y financiado por el 7º Programa Marco denominado Linkedup Education en el que intervienen diversos agentes educativos que trabajan en el ámbito  de Open Education y Linked Education.

    Se trataría de construir un gran grafo educativo identificando, enriqueciendo y vinculando todos los datasets educativos existentes y por venir.

    Open Educational Data - Datasets and APIs (Athens Green Hackathon 2012)

    by Stefan Dietze on Dec 14, 2012





    Shared on 27.12.2012 by Equipo GNOSS

    HOMER, the strategic MED project focused on Open Data and Public Sector Information (PSI)


    The overall goal of HOMER is to contribute to unlock the full potential of the Public Sector Information in the Mediterranean space, by contributing to make the all area a competitive territory, able to match global competition and to ensure a sustainable growth and employment for the next generations.

    In line with the EU Digital Agenda, HOMER will facilitate the wider deployment of PSI in Spain, Italy, France, Malta, Greece, Slovenia, Cyprus and Montenegro, enabling their public governments to better address the legal, cultural and technological challenges linked to PSI policy.

    Starting from exposing 5 strategic sectors, characterising the MED political agenda of the next decades (Agriculture, Tourism, Environment, Energy and Culture), consistent with the NSRF strategies of the partners and linked to the commitment of their internal departments, a dedicated Task Force composed of IT and Open data experts will be able to support HOMER institutional partnersto face the legal cultural and technological obstacles of Open Data policy.

    In this way, during its first phase, HOMER will be able to open hundreds of public datasets, enhancing digital heritage transparency across the Mediterranean.