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    Semantic SEO for the Automotive Industry

    Cars are typically characterized by many technical features. Also, the location of offer and demand matters, both for used and new cars. This in combination with the vast amount of possibilities to configure a certain car model makes it very difficult to articulate the exact strengths and features of a certain make and model to potential customers, and makes the matchmaking process very complex.
    This talk shows examples of how leading brands in the automotive segment can combine GoodRelations, the Vehicle Sales Ontology,, and brand-specific extensions to articulate their value proposition to both traditional Web search engines and to novel applications.

    This is a video recording of my talk at the London Semantic Tech & Business Conference 2011. For more information, see




    2012.8.2 noiz Equipo GNOSS

    Case Study: Contextual Search for Volkswagen and the Automotive Industry (W3C)

    W3C incluye a Volkswagen entre sus casos de éxito de contextos y buscadores facetados (semánticos). El proyecto de búsqueda contextual marca un hito en la estrategia web de Volkswagen y su relación con la Web de los Datos: "The contextual search project marks a hallmark of achievement in Volkswagen content and data strategies. It represents technical innovation in one of its truest forms and presents a paradigm shift in the way Volkswagen uses and shares data across the web"

    El documento recoge una relación de beneficios asociados al uso de la tecnología semántica en este proyecto:

    • A standardised interface to data and content, accessible to developers with different skillsets, using different technologies within and without the organisation.
    • Separation of concerns between information and application, both logically and physically.
    • Increases value, reusability and accessibility of data.
    • Very powerful federation features.
    • Adoption and use didn't necessitate process or change management. It could be leveraged at any stage within the product lifecycle painlessly and gracefully, both internally and externally