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    A Knowledge Engineering and Planning Framework based on OWL Ontologies

    Eric Bouillet, Mark Feblowitz, Zhen Liu, Anand Ranganathan, Anton Riabov IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Hawthorne, NY, USA

    In this paper, we describe a domain-independent,general purpose knowledge engineering and planning framework that supports the construction of planningdomains and problems based on OWL ontologies, and the integration of the planning process with description logic (DL) reasoning. The use of OWL ontologies as a basis for modeling domains allows the reuse of existing knowledge in the Semantic Web. In this model, the state of the world is represented as a set of OWL facts, represented as an RDF graph. Actions are described as RDF graph transformations. Planning goals are described as RDF graph patterns. Our framework allows a number of developers to create and extend the OWL ontologies and the planning domain in a collaborative manner. We have used our framework for automatically constructing workflows for deployment in stream processing systems.





    2009.4.20 noiz Equipo GNOSS


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    The CO-ODE project aims to build authoring tools and infrastructure that make ontology engineering easier. We specifically support the development and use of OWL-DL ontologies, by being heavily involved in the creation of infrastructure and plugins for the Protégé platform and more recently, OWL2.0 support for the OWL API. Many of our collaborators have come from the life sciences community, but we aim to support as broad a range of users as possible - researchers, librarians, industry, and the Semantic Web community In support of this work the team have also been involved in organising tutorials and workshops on OWL. The project is supported by JISC and is a collaboration with Stanford University.