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    What tools are you using for knowledge graph building?

    Here you can see a very interesting conversation thread in Hacker News, with 15 comments, where databases and other tools for the construction and exploitation of Knowledge Graphs are reviewed.
    Among others, they are mentioned, NeoJ4, BlazeGraph or Karma


    What is the difference between triplestores and graph databases? - Stack Overflow

    There are triplestores (semantic databases), and there are general-purpose graph databases.

    Both are based on the similar concepts of linking one "item" to another via a relationship. Triplestores support RDF and are queried by SPARQL, but such add-ons can be (and are) implemented ontop of general-purpose graph databases as well.

    What is the fundamental difference that would make you prefer a semantic db / triplestore to a general purpose graph database like neo4j?