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Publicado el 21 . 12 . 2009 por Equipo GNOSS


El trabajo ´A Framework for Cooperative Ontology Construction Based on Dependency Management of Modules' fue presentado por sus autores Kouji Kozaki, Eiichi Sunagawa, Yoshinobu Kitamura y Riichiro Mizoguchi en el International Workshop on Emergent Semantics and Ontology Evolution celebrado en Noviembre de 2007 en Busan, Korea.
Abstract: To construct large scale ontologies, two major approaches are discussed by many researchers. One is a cooperative construction of ontologies, and the other is a modularization of ontologies. To combine these two approaches, this paper discusses a framework for supporting cooperative ontology construction based on dependency management among modularized ontologies. In such a situation, one of the key issues is the maintenance of consistency among inter-dependent ontologies because each ontology is revised asynchronously by different developers. In order to realize consistent development of ontologies, the framework provides two functions: to manage the dependencies between ontology modules and to keep and restore consistencies between them when they are influenced by changes of other modules. Furthermore, we outline an  implementation of our framework in our environment for building/using ontology: Hozo.

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