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Compartido el 23 . 6 . 2010 por Ricardo Alonso Maturana

The Semantic Web (Web 3.0) is a huge effort which will take many years to complete. Some obstacles are technical, some political, and others are economic. This module is to reduce the barrier to entry for small organizations into using RDF as a complimentary content repository to Drupals native RDBMS.

Here you can find information about the module, misc related technical notes in the blog and forums, and downloads of specific, related functionality.

For official Drupal downloads, to file bugs, and for more technical information, go to the Drupal project page for Semantic Search. If you are interested in a more technical RDF application within Drupal, you may want to check out and support Drupal's Relationship Module.

Semantic Search currently supports the RDF stores, ARC, YARS, and Sesame, with the latter two requiring Java. Sesame has two approaches, one can be used against any OpenRDF Sesame server, the other requires Caucho running PHP within Java.



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