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Linked Data on the BBC

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Publicado el 10 . 8 . 2012 por Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza González

Estrategia de la BBC vinculada a linked data. Ventajas principales de la adopción de este enfoque que permite pensar el conjunto de recursos de la BBC como elementos de un ecosistema donde los contextos y las vinculaciones automáticas generan nuevos usos y aplicaciones.


  • In terms of usability, it's about making a site around the things people care and think about.
  • In terms of User Experience, it's more that just linking. It's also about having meaningful predicates and granular, addressable resources, so that those resources can be transcluded or visualised in new ways. For example, we can graph how many times a brand plays an artist...
    Make things ajax by consuming machine feeds of a resource.
  • And making sure that each thing has it’s own resource makes these objects more findable,
    and more sharable.
  • SEO
  •  Findability
  •  Clickability
  • Tweetability

Following the Linked Data principles, the BBC is publishing a URI for every TV and Radio programme it broadcasts, music artists and more recently animal species and habitats. These pages not only provide useful information in their own right but also allow us to re-contextualise the programme information helping users to discover new content and new patterns. In this seminar we will present the motivation behind these projects and how their design and implementation has allowed us to expose their contents on the Web of Data.


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