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Publicado el 4 . 11 . 2012 por Equipo GNOSS
LinkedUp (Linking Web Data for Education project and open competition)

LinkedUp aims to push forward the exploitation of the vast amounts of public, open data available on the Web, in particular by educational institutions and organizations.

This will be achieved by identifying and supporting highly innovative large-scale Web information management applications through an open competition (the LinkedUp Challenge) and dedicated evaluation framework.

The consortium partners and their respectives roles in LinkedUp:


Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover: Challenge Initialisation and Development, Project management (consortium lead)
The Open University: Deployment Support: Data, Guidance, Infrastructure
Open Knowledge Foundation Network: Dissemination and Community-building
Elsevier B.V.: Dissemination and Community-building
The Open Universiteit Nederland: Evaluation
eXact learning solutions S.p.A.: Exploitation, Exit and Sustainability


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