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    Compartido el 23.5.2010 por Ricardo Alonso Maturana

    Pozit es una herramienta para debatir y discutir en la red en un ambiente controlado. Permite invitar a las personas que deseemos, a la par que dispone de herramientas para organizar 1os debates con posterioridad. Es capaz de utilizar nuestros contactos y nuestros amigo de Twitter o facebook. Ellos dicen de sí mismos:

    "There are loads of places on the web to discuss books, travel, cooking, and other interests, but we find it’s difficult to gather a select group of friends around a particular topic or question. Like a small dinner party, intimate discussions can be deeper and more fun than wider forums, and can generate ideas and recommendations that are more personally relevant and useful. Current tools like email, Facebook, and Twitter have real shortcomings for engaging specific groups over time, and they lack a simple way to organize, archive, and access the nuggets of wisdom we create when we bring the right people together. So, we hatched Pozit over last Thanksgiving’s turkey dinner (we are brothers-in-law) while the family was arguing about the best way to cook a turkey".