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    Publicado el 5.8.2010 por Equipo GNOSS

    semYOU: new semantic WebOS

    Nuevo sistema operativo en la nube. Se trata de semYOU, que se autodenomina como "new semantic WebOS". Según, "The German start-up company semYOU wants to make reality the vision of a totally new web experience. Thanks to cloud computing, business, entertainment and social media, communication has become as easy as making a phone call. The official Beta Phase for the first semantic WebOS starts on August 4.

    The semYOU web operating system works in every browser, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome, without an installation and bothersome updates. Optionally, individual semYOU applications can also be called up via the local desktop. In connection with free online memory space, semYOU provides users worldwide access to their personal data like e-mails, deadlines, Office documents, music or photos. The semYOU desktop presents a totally new way of software use and supplies all essential functions "on demand" with a mouse click. The point is that already existing data, documents and e-mails can be easily imported via drag and drop.

    Generally speaking, the development of the first semantic Internet operating system semYOU took fourteen months and approx. 26,000 development hours. During this period, more than 5,000 PowerPoint pages were produced and 800,000 tasks of the internal To-Do list successfully completed"