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    Compartido el 24.4.2009 por Ricardo Alonso Maturana

    Solución para la creación y animación de comunidades virtuales de Alianzo. El conjunto de la solución se denomina KIDE. En su página web puede leerse sobre ella:

    "The tools (known as "Kide") and methodologies of animation of Alianzo contribute both to implement these social networks and to give them greater value.Kide is a line of solutions for creating and managing social networks of exclusive access for customers, partners and the target of any organization. Because of its flexibility, it is adaptable to any site and can be customized for any type of system requirements and design. It is also accessible via the Web (computer or television) or through a mobile device (phone or PDA).

    the platform includes a series of templates and customizable and extensible modules that can be turn on or off at will:

    · Directory of users

    • Network - Users can graphically display the relationships among people with whom they have any direct or indirect relationship (through direct contact, also known as second-degree relationship). · Messaging - People who are part of the network can send private messages.

    • Groups - Users can enter into talks on various topics, always starting from the premise that each participant was previously identified. Messages may be moderate or free. · Weblogs (video, photo, text)

    • Wiki - Some users authorized by the owner of the network can generate electronic whiteboards in which a selected group of people can make their own contributions. · Announcements - Some users authorized by the owner of the network can send communications to other members.

    • Search engine - Information stored in Kide is accessible with alternative approaches (geographical, professional, educational) to select the people they want to contact.

    · Statistics - People who have more activity in Kide can be highlighted.