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    Compartido el 22.6.2010 por Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza González



    The Semantic Web is The Web only with more data and information consumable by machines.

    Imagine looking to buy "a yellow car". A search needs to know a page is about a car, that the car is still up for sale, that it is located not too far away. Such a search at the moment requires a lot of Googling or both the buyer and seller using an intermediary, such as a well known car trading Website.

    Using hyperlinks for common terms on your Web pages as well as the text moves you up the ladder towards machine processing. A browser, spreadsheet, search engine, (whatever) can then make simple inferences to match "custard", "lemon", as all actually being "yellow".

    The constant, virtuous feedback loop which built The Web may then drive agreements on terms, or at least mappings between common terms for your purposes which may enable you to further leaps of inference: "find me an automatic, yellow car" and have your agent discard the FooBar Model Z because they all had manual transmissions."

    Ultimately The Semantic Web is a set of standards, tools, and techniques, working towards the vision of a uniform, distributed Data Web, using hyperlinks to generically express data terms and relationships, allowing searches, mashups and inferences which will lead to some powerful and more exciting unintended consequences than the current, beautiful, but human oriented Web of Documents."




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    Publicado el 23.5.2010 por Ricardo Alonso Maturana

    Attention Web 3.0 Start-Ups: Redirect 25% of your R&D Budget to Market Understanding and Development (Semantics Incorporated: The Feed)

    Greg Boutin opina que las compañías que están trabajando en el desarrollo de la web 3.0 están demasiado preocupadas de investigar y desarrollar tecnología y demasiado poco en el marketing, en entender de qué modo esas tecnologías satisfacen necesidades de los mercados. El resultado es un conjunto de aplicaciones que, desde el punto de vista de los mercados, resultan demasiado...incipientes o prematuras. Las empresas que están trabajando en el desarrollo de la web semántica y de la web 3.0 deberían gastarse parte de sus recursos de I+D en investigar los mercados, en conocer sus demandas latentes y en tratar de ajustar sus tecnologías a las mismas.

    "In my observations on the Semantic Technology conference last month, I mentioned I would be blogging separately about the dire lack of investments by Web 3.0 start-ups in market understanding and marketing. My main claim with this post is that companies in the Web 3.0 and semantic web space are downright bad at filling unmet needs, packaging their offer effectively and cutting through the market noise to secure users and revenues. It even appears this incapacity to grow revenues has a direct impact on their ability to make money (ok, it's sunny outside, I guess that after 5 days of clouds there is no harm in having a little fun ;)"

    Publicado en Semantics Incorporated: The Feed el: 7/11/2009 6:29:34 PM