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    Publicado el 19.6.2013 por Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza González

    Gnoss Metalibrary Brochure

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    GNOSS Meta-library is the solution to build a semantic library of libraries, aggregating works and metadata of multiple libraries and making them available as Linked Data.

    The basis underlying the Meta-library project is building a unified graph of library resources and authors in order that each node is represented by a single URI, so that the author is always the same one regardless of the library where the books are located. For example, Cervantes will be the same author of a book in the Spanish National Library or in the Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library.

    As GNOSS Meta-library works according to the standards of the Semantic Web and the principles of the Linked Open Data Web, it can connect with other parts of the Linked Open Data Web, like DBpedia, Freebase or Geonames.

    GNOSS meta-library incorporates end-user oriented applications, like facet-based searches and semantic context creation, which drastically improve user experience.