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    Compartido el 13.9.2012 por Equipo GNOSS

    tipo de documento Página Web es una plataforma abierta para promocionar la utilización de Linked Data con un propósito educativo.

    "While sharing and reusing educational data across institutional and national boundaries is a general goal for both the public and the private education sector, the last decade has seen a large amount of research dedicated to Web-scale interoperability. The Linked Data approach – based W3C standards such as RDF and a set of successful principles – has evolved as the general standard for sharing data on the Web and led to vast amounts of publicly available data sets, and a multiplicity of Linked Data-consuming applications which provide added-value services. However, there is only limited take-up of Linked Data principles in the educational field"

    La web recoge una selección de datasets educativos y herramientas educativas basadas en Linked Data.




    Publicado el 1.9.2012 por Equipo GNOSS

    La red mEducator utiliza la tecnología semántica y los datos enlazados para ofrecer un servicio que permite acceder, evolucionar y reutilizar recursos educativos médicos en entornos de Educación Superior en Europa:

    "The mEducator Best Practice Network (BPN) aims to implement and critically evaluate existing standards and reference models in the field of e-learning in order to enable specialized state-of-the-art medical educational content to be discovered, retrieved, shared and re-used across European higher academic institution".

    mEducator ofrece su dataset en The Data Hub.

    El recurso incluye la descripción de uso de la tecnología semántica en el proyecto :


    "With sharing and reusing, educational resources become increasingly important for enhancing learning and teaching  experiences, particularly in medical educational domain since these resources are expensive to re-produce. In respect to this, many  efforts have been applied to federate the resources to achieve the sharing and reusing goals, which led to a fragmented landscape of  competing metadata schemas, such as IEEE LOM or OAI-DC, and interface mechanisms, such as OAI-PMH or SQI. However, the  major issue of educational resource federating is the heterogeneity challenge of metadata and data. In this paper, we illustrate a  medical educational dataset (mEducator Linked Educational Resources dataset) that is published as part of the Linked Open Data  cloud following Linked Data principles. The dataset contains educational resource metadata federated from ten different (medical)  educational institutes together with enriched links to related information by using Linked Data techniques and datasets. We introduce a Semantic Web Service based data extracting mechanism that is exploited for services and data integration to address  heterogeneous metadata problems. The paper also discusses the dataset accessing APIs, statistics and existing applications of using  the mEducator dataset".