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    Compartido el 11.11.2009 por Ricardo Alonso Maturana

    Alexander Maedche1 and Steffen Staab2
    1 FZI Research Center for Information Technologies, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
    2 Institute AIFB, University of Karlsruhe, Germany

    Summary. Ontology Learning greatly facilitates the construction of ontologies by the ontology
    engineer. The notion of ontology learning that we propose here includes a number of complementary
    disciplines that feed on different types of unstructured and semi-structured data in
    order to support a semi-automatic, cooperative ontology engineering process. Our ontology
    learning framework proceeds through ontology import, extraction, pruning, and refinement,
    giving the ontology engineer a wealth of coordinated tools for ontology modelling. Besides
    of the general architecture, we show in this paper some exemplary techniques in the ontology
    learning cycle that we have implemented in our ontology learning environment, KAON