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    Compartido el 8.1.2013 por Equipo GNOSS

    The 'Internet of Things' gets a consortium (Cnet)

    The so-called Internet of Things Consortium is a nonprofit organization which says its mission is to spur "cooperation between hardware, software, and service providers, the ostensible goal being to pave the way for more intelligent home appliances, like talking refrigerators or smart ovens".

    "The Internet of Things Consortium is a non-profit organization with the mission of facilitating cooperation between hardware, software, and service providers. The IoT Consortium is primarily focused on those Internet enabled devices and related software services that directly touch consumers in the form of home automation, entertainment, and productivity. One of the goals of the consortium is to see billions of connected devices that benefit from communication with other devices and services. The IoT Consortium is based in San Francisco, California".