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    Compartido el 1.7.2010 por Ricardo Alonso Maturana

    La revista digital "Semantic Web Journal" se ocupa de problemas relativos a interoperabilidad, usabilidad y aplicabilidad en el marco del desarrollo de la Web Semántica. Su objetivo es acercar a investigadores de diversos campos con el fin de mostrar la necesidad de compartir conocimientos y desarrollar estrategias interdisciplinares si lo que se pretende es avanzar con la suficiente rapidez y efectividad. En las siguientes líneas puede verse lo que dicen ellos acerca de sí mismos, así como las personas que componen el comité editor de la revista.


    The journal Semantic Web – Interoperability, Usability, Applicability (ISSN: 1570-0844) brings together researchers from various fields which share the vision and need for more effective and meaningful ways to share information across agents and services on the future internet and elsewhere. As such, Semantic Web technologies shall support the seamless integration of data, on-the-fly composition and interoperation of Web services, as well as more intuitive search engines. The semantics – or meaning – of information, however, cannot be defined without a context, which makes personalization, trust, and provenance core topics for Semantic Web research. New retrieval paradigms, user interfaces, and visualization techniques have to unleash the power of the Semantic Web and at the same time hide its complexity from the user. Based on this vision, the journal welcomes contributions ranging from theoretical and foundational research over methods and tools to descriptions of concrete ontologies and applications in all areas. We especially welcome papers which add a social, spatial, and temporal dimension to Semantic Web research, as well as application-oriented papers making use of formal semantics.

    The journal is peer-reviewed and will be published quarterly.

    Suggestions for special issues are welcome.

    For any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Editors-in-Chief.

    IOS Press is a leading international publisher of scientific books and journals in many fields including computer & communications sciences and especially also the Semantic Web. Visit the Semantic Web Journal at IOS Press.

    Open and Transparent Reviews

    The Semantic Web Journal relies on an open and transparent review process. Submitted manuscripts are posted on the journal's website and are publicly available. In addition to solicited reviews selected by members of the editorial board, public reviews and comments are welcome by any researcher and can be uploaded using the journal website. All reviews and responses from the authors are posted on the journal homepage. All involved reviewers and editors will be acknowledged in the final printed version. While we strongly encourage reviewers to participate in the open and transparent review process it is still possible to submit anonymous reviews. See review process andFAQ for details before submitting a manuscript or a review.

    Editorial Board


    Contact email: contact @ semantic-web-journal . net

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