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    Publicado el 5.3.2014 por Equipo GNOSS

    Melodies - Exploiting Open Data

    Proyecto Europeo de reciente creación (y con duración hasta Noviembre de 2016) cuyo objetivo es desarrollar servicios innovadores y sostenibles basados en Open Data, para los usuarios de la investigación, el gobierno, la industria y el público en general en una amplia gama de áreas de beneficio social y ambiental.

    MELODIES in brief

    Start Date October 2013
    End Date November 2016
    Budget Approx €6.7 million
    Funding European Union (FP7)
    Project No. 603525
    Partners Sixteen (from eight countries)
    Lead University of Reading, UK



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    Publicado el 31.10.2013 por Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza González

    Semantics for Big Data


    AAAI 2013 Fall Symposium; Westin Arlington Gateway in Arlington, Virginia, November 15-17, 2013.

    Workshop Description and Scope

    One of the key challenges in making use of Big Data lies in finding ways of dealing with heterogeneity, diversity, and complexity of the data, while its volume and velocity forbid solutions available for smaller datasets as based, e.g., on manual curation or manual integration of data. Semantic Web Technologies are meant to deal with these issues, and indeed since the advent of Linked Data a few years ago, they have become central to mainstream Semantic Web research and development. We can easily understand Linked Data as being a part of the greater Big Data landscape, as many of the challenges are the same. The linking component of Linked Data, however, puts an additional focus on the integration and conflation of data across multiple sources.