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    Compartido el 24.1.2010 por Ricardo Alonso Maturana

    Web del DataPortability Project. Portabilidad de datos es la capacidad proporcionada a las personas para reutilizar sus datos a través de aplicaciones capaces de interoperar. El Proyecto Dataportability trabaja para avanzar en esta visión indentificando, contextualizando y promoviendo esfuerzos en este espacio.

    Desde luego, un proyecto a tener en cuenta en el ámbito de la interoperabilidad semántica.

    La visión de la empresa, tal y como la publican en su web, es la siguiente:
    "Data portability enables a borderless experience, where people can move easily between network services, reusing data they provide while controlling their privacy and respecting the privacy of others.[...]
    For the Service Provider: With cross-system data access, interoperability, and portability, people can bring their identities, friends, conversations, files, and histories with them to your service, cutting down on the need for form-filling which can drive people away. With minimal effort on the part of new customers, you can tailor services to suit them. When your customers browse networked services and accumulate experiences, this information can update on your service, if people permit it. Your relationship remains up-to-date and you can adapt your services in response, even when they don't visit. With mutual control and mutual benefit, your relationships remain relevant, encouraging continued usage.
    Data portability is a new approach, where it is easier to use and deliver services. This frictionless movement through the network of services fosters stronger relationships between people and services providers and helps build a healthy networked ecosystem."