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    Publicado el 21.6.2013 por Equipo GNOSS

    William Noel, promotor de Open Data, distinguido por la Casa Blanca. Open Science Champions of Change

    William Noel, promotor de la generación de datos abiertos de museos y repositorios de libros raros, ha sido distinguido por la Casa Blanca como una de las personas relevantes de Open Science Champions of Change.

    Wiliam Noel, an advocate for generation of open data by museums and rare book repositories, directed a twelve-year project that successfully retrieved the erased texts of a thirteenth century prayer book. These erased texts included treatises by Archimedes, speeches by Hyperides, and a lost commentary on Aristotle's Categories. He also pioneered the presentation of machine-readable, openly licensed datasets of digitized illuminated medieval manuscripts on the web.