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Crisis or Opportunity? Cataloging, Catalogers, RDA, and Change by Hing Wu, Media Librarian at Southern Connecticut State University | Connecticut Libraries

Hing Wu reflexiona en este artículo sobre los nuevos estándares de web semántica (RDA) que empezarán a aplicarse a partir de junio de 2010 en la catalogación de los recursos bibliotecarios. Ello supondrá un nuevo paradigma en biblioteconomía que afectará a la naturaleza misma de nuestros modelos formales de representación del conocimiento. Importante.


"A report on the CLA Technical Services Section Fall Program held on November 20, 2009 at the Farmington Public Library


The speaker Diane Hillman, nationally renowned authority on cataloging and metadata issues, gave a comprehensive presentation calling for librarians’ attention to the crisis that is facing the profession today as the Internet has dramatically changed the way people look for and share information. Instead of resisting the inevitable change, Ms. Hillman urged librarians to seize the opportunity to embrace new ways of doing things, particularly in the area of cataloging.


To prepare themselves to move forward, librarians must leave some old baggage behind. “First, let’s nix the silos,” suggested Ms. Hillman. First, let us give up the practice of separating books, journal articles, audio-visual materials, images, etc. in different silos (...)

In acknowledging the Web as the platform for searching, sharing, aggregating and extending information, librarians need to familiarize themselves with the semantic web (an extension of the current web), learn new tools, techniques and trends. Most importantly for catalogers, they need to educate themselves in RDA (Resource Description and Access) which may soon replace AACR2 and MARC 21 as the new cataloging rules and standards (...)"




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