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    Publicado el 27.7.2012 por Equipo GNOSS

    OKFN Labs Sprints (Aplicaciones sobre Open Data)

    La Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN) lanza OKFN Labs Sprints, una iniciativa para promover la utilización de datos abiertos a través de aplicaciones (apps). Para ello, promueve talleres temáticos por áreas. El primer sector que se toca es Energía:

    "One promise of open data is that it will help us to find new ways to understand and respond to the world we live in. This is a big promise, but we want to find modest and meaningful ways to make good on it.

    We’ve decided to start a series of week-long sprints, convening small teams of domain experts, data wranglers and developers to create useful data-driven applications that help to answer questions and unpack issues in a variety of different areas".