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    Publicado el 23.7.2012 por Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza González

    KEYNOTE: Semantics at The New York Times.

    The keynote on this final day of the Semantic Technology Conference saw Robert Larson and Evan Sandhaus of the New York Times talk about the paper's innovative adoption of semantic technologies; " The first semantic search system for The New Times was released in 1913 and was available bound in either paper ($6) or cloth ($8). In the 96 years since the advent of The Historical Index to The New York Times, semantic technology has become central to The New York Times' daily operations and the focus of much internal research and development. In this keynote, Rob Larson, VP of Digital Production, and Evan Sandhaus, Semantic Technologist, will review the long history of semantic technology at The New York Times; discuss the application of this technology in our operations; and review an innovative initiative to enlist the global community in solving some of our toughest challenges."