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    Compartido el 26.7.2010 por Ricardo Alonso Maturana

    Informe gratuito de ReadWriteWeb sobre el futuro del Cloud Computing. 

    Cloud computing is fundamentally changing the way we do business - from strategic planning to how services are delivered. We've been actively tracking these changes on our channel ReadWriteCloud and this report is an extension of that.

    The Future of the Cloud highlights cloud computing's impact on IT organizations, and explores both its disruptive nature and the new markets and opportunities it's creating. The first phase of the cloud was about developing the foundation for the services it provides. Now that the fundamentals are in place, companies are using them to become an essential part of the cloud's value chain.

    We think you'll find The Future of the Cloud (embedded below) to be essential reading for the new technology enterprise. And remember, you always you can find our day-to-day coverage of cloud computing at ReadWriteCloud"



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    Compartido el 26.7.2010 por Ricardo Alonso Maturana

    La compra de Metaweb por parte de Google confirma que el futuro es la Web de los Datos Estructurados y Abiertos.

    "Freebase is a massive open structured database of information about almost anything, including books, movies and music. In fact, Google already has a relationship with Freebase, pulling in its information to provide intelligent search results within Google News. With the acquisition of Metaweb, Google can now leverage the company's tools and data much more, especially within basic Web search results.

    "This is a huge win for the Semantic Web," Alex Iskold, founder and CEO of AdaptiveBlue, the semantic technology company behind GetGlue.com, told ReadWriteWeb. "It could not be bigger, because really, we had the biggest company on the Web buy the biggest player in the Semantic Web space."


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    Compartido el 13.5.2010 por Ricardo Alonso Maturana

    Google se aproxima a la semántica...a toda pastilla :)

    "The holy grail in web search technology is to be able to ask a simple question, in natural language, and get a simple answer. With Google’s announcement today of Google Squared coming to its search results, the search engine has moved one step closer to that grail"


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    Publicado el 18.4.2010 por Ricardo Alonso Maturana

    20 Essential Social Media Resources You May Have Missed (Mashable!)


    Este post muestra las últimas y mejores herramientas, tendencias y estrategias para "navegar" en las siempre turbulentas aguas de los social media. Para los que necesites y/o quieren surfear sobre la ola buena permite hacerse una idea de un vistazo rápido de las propuestas más interesantes. Como dicen ellos mismos, se necesita un fin de semana para pasear por este conjunto de recursos...y es verdad.

    "Big changes in the social media landscape this week mean there’s a lot to discuss. These posts highlight all the latest and greatest tools, tips, trends, and strategies for navigating the ever-changing social waters.

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    Tech & Mobile

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