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Publicado por Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza González


Linked Data is as essential for the Semantic Web as hypertext has been for the Web. For this reason, the W3C community project Linking Open Data has been facilitating the transformation of publicly available, open data into Linked Data since 2007. As of 2009, the vast majority of Linked Data is still generated by research communities and institutions. For a successful corporate uptake, we deem it important to have a strong conceptual groundwork, providing the foundation for the development
of business cases revolving around the adoption of Linked Data. We therefore present the Linked Data Value Chain, a model that conceptualizes the current Linked Data sphere. The Linked Data Value Chain helps to identify and categorize potential pitfalls which have to be considered by business engi...

Publicado por Equipo GNOSS


Análisis del modelo de CRM de Best Buy: "How does one of the leading electronics retailers in the world engage its audience, provide support, build advocacy, and provide recommendations across multiple channels, in a scalable and manageable way?".   "Factoring in call deflection and sales influence, our online community engagements provide around a $5MM benefit to the organization".

Publicado por Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza González


The term Linked Data refers to a set of best practices for publishing and connecting structured data on the Web. These best practices have been adopted by an increasing number of data providers over the last three years, leading to the creation of a global data space containing billions of assertions - the Web of Data. In this article we present the concept and technical principles of Linked Data, and situate these within the broader context of related technological developments. We describe progress to date in publishing Linked Data on the Web, review applications that have been developed to exploit the Web of Data, and map out a research agenda for the Linked Data community as it moves forward.